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Software for Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

Stata is statistical software from StataCorp that is commonly used by economists, political scientists, and others in academia. Stata is considered to be more powerful than SPSS with excellent syntax and programming capabilities, though not necessarily as flexible as SAS and R.  People who know Stata often prefer it over SPSS and SAS because of the balance between difficulty and power. However, it is used far less than the other statistical softwares.

Access to Stata

Learning Path

Stata tutorials from the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC) are the best way to learn Stata for most people.

1 Hour Virtual Workshop

Other Learning Paths

For undergraduate students who just have to get through an introductory class, the text tutorials: 

For data preparation, see the Videos & Text tutorials: 


Follow-Along Tutorials

Reference Sources

More Topics

Data Analysis

See more about the theory and interpretation of statistical tests in our Data Analysis & Statistics InfoGuide

Stata for Statistical Testing


Comprehensive Reference

NYU's Quantitative Analysis Guide - Look-up table to choose a statistical test

Links directly to relevant pages in the following useful resources

  • StataCorp (can type help in the Command Window)
  • Laerd Statistics
    • ~$5 a month; some content free if accessed through searches or links
    • Although focused on SPSS, they have Stata versions of over a dozen medium-length articles which include both point-and-click and syntax instructions
    • Intended for beginners, but appropriate for all; covers both analysis and data management skills
    • Comprehensive and detailed, covering use, assumptions, setup, output, and write-up in plain language
  • UCLA ATS Statistical Computing-Stata
    • Text-only syntax instructions demonstrate appropriate analysis and interpretation
    • Resources vary in length from short annotated outputs to long seminar notes
    • Focuses on an intermediate/advanced audience and topics
    • Go to Examples and Annotated Output
  • Reed Psychology's Stata instructional site 
    • Screenshot-heavy moderate-length tutorials on everything from basic to advanced skills

Class Materials / Companions

  • Stata Highlights  for Statistical Analysis by Richard Williams, Notre Dame Sociology
    • Complete examples for preparing and evaluating general analysis types
  • Statistical Modeling with Stata by Mark Lunt
    • Lecture notes, exercises, and solutions for an intermediate statistics course covering various regression models.
  • Methods/STATA Manual by Alison Johnston for the School of Public Policy, Oregon State University
    • 200+ pg comprehensive guide to statistical analysis in STATA
    • From basic descriptives to Multinomial Logistic Regression

Special Topics

More Advanced Help


Examples with syntax

Additional Tutorials