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Software for Data & Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

SAS is statistical software created by SAS Institute, Inc which is used by large organizations, including many public agencies, to do data management and analysis. SAS is preferred (and most often used) when working with very large datasets because it does not require a powerful computer to do so (it does not store data in RAM). Although and perhaps because it is very powerful, the syntax is difficult to learn. Social Scientists who do not intend to work at one of the public agencies and do not work with extremely large data sets might consider learning R or Stata instead.

SAS is primarily a language that lets you work with data. But, there are various interfaces that you could use, and it is generally best to start with a tutorial that uses the same one as you. See screenshots and commentary about the three main interfaces at: What's your SAS interface?

Access to SAS

Learning Path

SAS Video Quick Start

Videos from SAS unless otherwise specified. 

1. If you are using one of these special SAS programs, start here to learn how to log in and work with files.

2. Learn about your interface (What's your SAS interface?)

3. Learn the basics of the SAS Language

4. Keep Reminders and Reference Sources Handy

Comprehensive Learning Paths

Video Courses from SAS

  • SAS Programming 1 (~21 hrs)  - Free training through SAS
    • uses SAS Studio or SAS Enterprise Guide, uses sample data.
    • Lesson 1 (Essentials) has 20 min of video, plus written exercises. Requires registering for an account with SAS OnDemand for Academics
  • SAS 9.4 Cert Prep (~4 hrs) - Free training through SAS & LinkedIn Learning
  • SAS @ Coursera
    • SAS Programming Basics - Shows SAS OnDemand for Academics using SAS Studio, but appropriate for any programming interface.
  • Analyzing Census Data in SAS Studio (~1.5 hrs) - A 6-video YouTube series using SAS OnDemand
    • Shows how to access and download census data and then how to import, visualize, prepare, and analyze it. 

Video Courses  - Other

Written Tutorials

  • SAS Tutorial from Kent State
    • Screenshot-laden instructions on basic topics, data management, and exploration (currently little on analysis)


See the latest collection from the catalog. A classic favorite that is routinely updated. Focused on the language and does not cover the interfaces or their differences. Suggests watching the Getting Started videos above for your interface. See also the companion Exercises and Projects.


Documentation from SAS

General Reference

Statistical Testing

Links directly to relevant pages in the following useful resources


  • SAS (Krohn - Education) - 13  3-15 min videos on various analyses in SAS. 

SAS Certification

SAS Global Certification program