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Software for Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

MAXQDA is software for Qualitative and Mixed Methods research made by VERBI GmbH. It seems to be more popular in Europe than the US, but that is changing. It is available for Windows and Mac and has a portable version. The latest version is MAXQDA 24. .

Product Qualitative
Text Analysis
Data Analysis

2yr - 6mo ½ price
(Feb '21)

(March '23)

Standard X - - - $689
Plus X X - $95 $730
Analytics Pro X X X $110 $812

Access to MAXQDA

FAQ: How do I get access to Qualitative Software?

  • One copy of MAXQDA 2022 and 2020 is available in the Digital Scholarship Center
  • A student license is available for as little as ~$50
  • See OnTheHub has a 6 mos student license for $44

Virtual Workshop

Learn MAXQDA in 1 hour

NOTE: MAXQDA offers tutorials in many languages including Chinese (Mandarin), French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, and German, 
There are also short "spotlight" videos in: Portuguese, Japanese, Persian. Click the "Other languages" tab on the Video Tutorials page. 

Topic MAXQDA 24 MAXQDA 2022 MAXQDA 2020
Getting Started ~10.5 min ~10 min ~13 min
Coding ~ 5min ~5 min ~5.5 min
Organizing the Code System ~4 min ~5.5 min
Literature Reviews ~3 min
Retrieving Coded Segments ~3 min ~3 min
Document Variables ~3.5 min ~4 min
Visualizing Data ~10 min
Memos ~5.5 min (through the memo manager)
MAXMaps ~7 min
QDT Tool ~2.5 min n/a
AI-Assist ~5 min n/a

If you are doing surveys or focus groups, working with a team, or transcribing, see other videos that may be relevant to you on the MAXQDA 2022 playlist, the Webinar Playlist, or the MAXQDA 2020 Playlist or Transcribing with MAXQDA.

General Resources

Other Resources

Things to know

  • Free Course licenses (120 days) available for students in classes upon professor request
  • Free Reader version lets your colleagues or advisors examine coding
  • A Getting Started Guide is available in 13 languages, including Korean, Chinese, and Spanish
  • The software interface and capabilities are exactly the same on Mac and PC