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Software for Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

ATLAS.ti Desktop, by Scientific Software Development, is a classic full-featured software package for Qualitative Research. The company recently started offering a cloud or web version, accessed through your web browser.

Atlas.ti Web is a code-and-retrieve software without any advanced features. However, its ease-of-use makes it perfect for first-time coders without big needs and for teaching.

Access to Atlas.ti Web

  • Students can purchase access for $10 / month at for the web-only license
  • Students can purchase a desktop license for $99 / 2yrs at which includes the web license.

Demo Version

  • Limited to 10 documents, 25 codes, 50 quotations, and 1 report. Can be added to project, but not add others.
  • Does NOT require activating the free trial.
    • Go to and click Sign up
    • Give an Email and Password, then click Continue
    • Check your email and click the link
    • Fill in your name then click Complete Registration
    • Ignore the page and go back to
      • You do NOT need to click on Purchase License OR Get Trial


Resources from Atlas.ti