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Qualitative Research & Tools

Find tutorials about conducting Qualitative research, including resources on methodologies and software.


Computer Transcription

Computers are getting much better at transcribing human speech, but are still not perfect.  

  • Computer software usually does better with slow, enunciated speech without an accent.
    • If you have an accent but your participants do not, you might try playing the original audio and see how it works.
    • If you do not have an accent, it may be easiest to listen to the audio on headphones and speak it aloud to an automated transcription app, which also lets you add punctuation and speaker names and modify your voice to improve accuracy. 
  • All automated transcription requires having data on the internet. If your audio has any personal or sensitive information, you must be especially careful using these tools.
    • The paid NVivo Transcription service advertises HIPPA compliance
    • If you re-speak the audio, you may be able to avoid personal information by substituting it with aliases or other keywords. 
    • You may be able to use automated transcription for parts of the audio and hand type other parts. 

Paid Transcription Options

Free Automated Transcription Options