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Qualitative Research & Tools

Find tutorials about conducting Qualitative research, including resources on methodologies and software.

NVivo is software for Qualitative Research from Lumivero (encompassing QSR International). Many people like that it is flexible and provides organization for the entire project. The learning curve is small to do basic tasks, but there are many advanced features that can take longer to get accustomed to.

NVivo 14 (March, 2023) was released for Windows and Mac. As previously, the Mac version has fewer features. Lumivero has improved the Collaboration Cloud to share projects across operating systems, and added integrations for their reference manager software Citavi.

NVivo 1.0 (March, 2020) was released for Windows and Mac. As previously, the Mac version has fewer features. Collaboration Cloud was released for sharing projects (within OS only). The Plus and Pro versions from v12 have been combined.

NVivo 12 (March, 2018)  for Windows has 2 versions. Pro has the basic features researchers need. Plus has additional automation and social networking capabilities. NVivo for Mac OS is also available, with somewhat fewer features than the Windows Pro version. The Starter Edition from v11 has been discontinued.

Access to NVivo

FAQ: How do I get access to Qualitative Software?

Learning Paths

Learn NVivo in 1 hour

NVivo comes with one (or more) sample projects to open and explore. Lumivero video and text tutorials use the "Multi-Method" or "Environmental Change Down East" project, so you can follow along.


These videos are for versions 13 (aka 1.0 or 1.5), or 14. For videos on v12, see below.

    Windows Mac
Link      Windows Playlist  Mac Playlist
Getting Started

Tour of the Interface

The Design Framework

Importing files

#1, #2, #3 #1, #2, #3

Creating Cases from 1 to 1 Interviews

Creating Cases from Multiperson Interviews

Creating Cases and Classifications in Datasets

#10 & #11 #10, #11, #15

Coding Text

Principles of coding

Identify Themes

#19, #22, #30 #20
Managing Codes

Using Coding Stripes

Using the Highlighting Tool

Managing Codes: Merge, Rename, Move, Reorganize

#23, #24, #28 #25, #26, #24

Using Memos

Using Annotations

#25, #26 #27, #28
Visualization   Explore Explore

Resources from Lumivero

Resources from Lumivero

These are wonderful materials and should be the first stop.

Written Documentation

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Start with the Getting Started Tutorial or the section Using NVivo.

 v14 Windows   |   v14 Mac   |    v1.x Windows  |   v1.x Mac    |   v12 Windows  |   v12 Mac


Books about NVivo

See also the Companion Website with an additional sample project and a map of all query options. 

Because this book is not specific to any software, it is thus useful regardless of the version you use, and remains so even as the softwares change. For example, NVivo has been releasing a new version about every 2 years.

Older Versions

NVivo 12 Video Workshops

  • NVivo 12 (Hull Uni Library) -  ~ 2.5 hrs total across 25 videos.
    • Suggested 1 hr Playlist:  2, 3, 5, 8, 9 19, 12, 15, 16, 18
  • NVivo 12 for Mac (storybuilders) - ~40 min total across 7 videos.
  • NVivo 12 from Linked-in Learning (FREE at Mason) - ~1.5 hrs across 17 videos.


NVivo 12 Video Tutorials


NVivo v9