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Qualitative Research & Tools

Find tutorials about conducting Qualitative research, including resources on methodologies and software.

ATLAS.ti, by Scientific Software Development, is a long-time popular code-and-retrieve software packages for Qualitative research. It was originally designed for grounded theory analysis, but now is flexible enough to handle many purposes. Atlas.ti is now at version 22 (as in 2022), but the prior version was 9 (following 7 and 8)--there is no Atlas.ti 10-21. Updates over the past 5 years have been substantial and have drastically increased usability and competativeness with other options. The addition of a cloud-based Web version, which is free with the purchase of a desktop license, makes it very attractive. Compared with other qualitative software, Atlas.ti tends to have more flexibility with viewing and searching.

Access to Atlas.ti Desktop

  • One copy of Atlas.ti 22 and Atlas.ti 9 is available in the Digital Scholarship Center
  • A student license is available for as little as ~$50


45 min Live Webinar

ATLAS.ti in 45 minutes, from ATLAS.ti - Webinar offered multiple times per week.

Atlas.ti 23 Improvements

  • Cloud Collaboration
  • Visualizations for Code-Co-occurences
  • Tree Maps
  • Advanced Auto Coding (AI-powered)
  • Various tweaks to the interface

20 Minutes, On Demand

  v22 Windows v22 Mac
Getting Started ~1.5 min ~2.5 min
Managing Documents ~ 2.5 min ~2 min
Quotations & Codes ~ 1.5 min + ~1.5 min ~1 min + ~1 min
Reviewing Coded Data ~ 1 min ~ 1 min
Managing Codes ~ 4.5 min + ~ 4.5 min  +
Memos ~2 min ~2 min
Visualization ~2 min  
Searching ~2 min + ~2 min ~2 min + ~2 min

Resources from Scientific Software Development

Other Video Tutorials

Books about Altas.ti