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Working with Data

What you need to know for Data Management and Data Wrangling

Intro to Data Analysis & Statistics

Resources on the topics covered in introductory statistics and data analysis classes (e.g., PUBP 511, COMM 650)

Find Data for Analysis

Popular sources for accessing research data sets for dissertations or class projects

Research Data Management Basics

This guide covers practical tips and best practices for managing project data.

Geospatial Data & GIS

A guide to help you discover geospatial data and GIS resources and services availalbe for your research

Data Visualization

Learn about best practices and tools to visualize data using charts and maps.

Qualitative Research & Tools

Find tutorials about conducting Qualitative research, including resources on methodologies and software.

Digital Humanities

A guide to the concepts and tools of the expanding field of digital humanities

Collect Data with a Survey

Resources for learning about and conducting public opinion and other research surveys, including recruitment, questionnaire design, and online survey software.

Software for Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

Data Services
Research Consultant

About this Guide

Working with Data InfoGuide

This guide is to learn basic skills in data cleaning and data wrangling including how to use a computer. 

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