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Data Visualization

Learn about best practices and tools to visualize data using charts and maps.

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Data visualization is simply creating a chart, diagram, picture, map, infographic, etc. from your data. In other words, a visual representation of data or information. 

Use this guide to discover best practices for creating data visualizations as well as accessing recommended resources for learning how to visualize data.

Table of Contents

  • Plan your Visualization - Learn how to get started and what are the important considerations.
  • Visualization Types - Figure out which chart types are best for each purpose and get ideas
  • Tips & Tutorials - Learn how to create great visualizations from the top names in Data Viz and through online courses.
  • Data + Visualization - Trying to illustrate some statistics? The tools have built-in data and make it easy to do..
  • Software & Tools - Learn about the software you can use to create visualizations.
  • Refine your Visualization - See examples and learn how to use color and other visual elements appropriately.
  • Get Help - Contact information for additional guidance, set up an appointment for a consultation, or sign up for a workshop.

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