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Data Visualization

Learn about best practices and tools to visualize data using charts and maps.

Common Chart Purposes

These are some common purposes for data visualization:

Comparison  |  Distribution  |  Location  |  Part-to-Whole  |  Pattern  |  Relationship  |  Trend over Time

See the Chart Choosers below to find the chart that fits your purpose.

Chart Choosers

Title Author Description
Chart Chooser Ann K Emery (interactive) Small/Focused collection with commentary and resources. See her design process.
The Data Visualization Catalogue Severino Ribecca (interactive) Large collection of all visualizations, plus description, details "anatomy", similar charts, and relevant software/tools 
Data Viz Project ferdio (interactive) Large collection of all visualizations with filters by data structure 
from Data to Viz Yan Holtz & Conor Healy (interactive) Medium collection of graph types with filters by data structure or purpose, and links to R and Python galleries. 
Chartopedia AnyChart JS Library (interactive) Includes example with complete html, css, data, and javscript
Chart Chooser Tableau (interactive) Includes downloadable Tableau workbook and instructions
Visual Vocabulary Financial Times Nice poster with a well-organized large collection. Web page has resources and translations.The poster that inspired it cannot be seen well without purchase. 
See examples in Tableau
Chart Chooser Kagen Quiballo A small collection of the most popular charts organized by name and goal, with links to videos about creating in Tableau and Excel.     
Chooser for Trends MetaPraxix Focused collection with typical challenges for trends.
Infographic Taxonomy Frederik Ruys, Vizualism Matrix for infographics that express a combination of the questions Who, When, Where, What, How, and How Much.
Qualitative Chart Chooser  Stephanie Evergreen Matrix of non-typical chart types and purposes (i.e., no bar charts)
SWD Chart Guide Storytelling with Data Standard chart types with descriptions and tips for creating.
Visualization Universe Adioma Medium collection showing popularity with links to related terms and the Wikipedia page.

See more Data Visualization Reference Guides from Cool Infographics.