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Working with Data

What you need to know for Data Management and Data Wrangling

The Open Science Framework ( is a system for managing project data, documents, and research materials. You can use OSF to track, collaborate, and share your research.

OSF is run by the Center for Open Science, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. It is free and Open Source.

Access to the Open Science Framework

Mason OSF users should abide by all requirements of Mason's Data Stewardship Policy including not using this services to store or to transfer highly sensitive data or any controlled unclassified information. For assistance, please contact Wendy Mann, Director of Mason's Digital Scholarship Center.

Getting Started

Getting Started with the Open Science Framework using your Mason Login

Note: If you already have an OSF account, make sure that you have your email as the primary email address. Otherwise, it will create another account for you. 

  • Go to
  • Click the Blue "Sign In" button in the upper right
  • Choose "Sign in through institution
  • Select George Mason University from the list
  • Review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and check the box
  • Click "Sign In"
  • Sign in with your Mason credentials like you normally do

Associating your Project with Mason

  • At the top of your Project page, right under Contributors, 
    click Affiliated Institutions
  • Or go to Settings, then Project Affiliation/Branding
  • If you are affiliated with Mason, you should see it listed. Click "Add"
  • See all the project associated with Mason at

Help Using OSF

Get Help

Neat Features

  • Can keep older versions of files without worrying about file naming
    • Do NOT add version numbers to the file, just keep the same name. 
  • Can share every aspect of the project with as few or as many people as you choose
    • Include collaborators 
    • Produce sharable and stable urls/identifiers for citing
    • Get a DOI for a Public Registered project

Use of the Framework