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Leganto - Course Reserves

Instruction and guidance for Faculty and Staff for using Leganto in Blackboard to manage their e-reserves

FAQ: Leganto and Blackboard

Is there a direct link to Leganto without going through Blackboard?

Students cannot see the link to the list in Blackboard.

  • Ensure the list has been published.
  • When publishing a list, a pop-up box appears.  If "Course Students" option is selected, then only students enrolled in the course can view the list and ONLY through the Blackboard course. If "All Students at the Institution" option is selected, then Mason students can view the list in Leganto and outside the Blackboard course shell.

When using Blackboard Student Preview to see the list in my course, I get an error message: Reading Lists can’t be loaded in the learning management system’s Student View. Instead, use the View List as a Student option in the Reading List’s Main Menu.

  • Unfortunately, when an instructor uses Student Preview to see what the Reading List looks like to a student, Blackboard returns an error. To see what the student will see, open Leganto and use the menu at the top right of Leganto (three dots) and select View list as student.

What browser works best with Leganto?

  • Leganto works best with Chrome or Firefox (not Microsoft Edge, Safari, or IE)

My list is not visible because it is not associated with my course.

  • Go directly to your list in Leganto (i.e., not through Blackboard)
  • Click the 3 dots on the right hand side next to Edit
  • Choose “Manage Course Association”
  • Type in the code that appears in the error message. That will link it to that course.

FAQ: Leganto and Reading Lists

I've created a resource that I would like to share with students (i.e. a PowerPoint presentation, a video, a document etc.). Can I upload this to Leganto?

  • Yes! If you have files saved on a computer, you can upload them into Leganto to have all course readings in one location. 

What do I do about library sources (journal articles, book chapters) etc. which can't be located using the search function on Leganto?

  • Use the Cite It! feature for web pages, YouTube videos, or other content
  • Manually enter the item and tag it for the ereserves team to look into purchasing
  • Contact your subject librarian with a purchase recommendation. 

What is the difference between Collections and Lists in Leganto?

  • In addition to lists meant to be shared, collections store citations for later use. "Add Item" works the same way it does elsewhere, and there is Import/Export functionality under the three dot menu: 

Can I hide citations/items on my Reading List from the students?

  • Yes.: Enter From (Start) and To (End) dates in the section title box and click the "Section visible only during these dates" checkbox. 

Can I have multiple reading lists in my Leganto?

  • Yes. Create additional reading lists on the My Lists page in Leganto. 

When should my reading list be sent to the library for processing?

The Mason Reserves Team encourages faculty members to place reserve requests as early as possible and will accept requests for these semesters placed earlier than these dates.

  • Fall Submission Dates May 1st – November 30th 
  • Spring Submission Dates November 1st – April 30th
  • Summer Submission Dates March 1st – September 30th

Can more than one instructor for a course share lists?

Can reserves be placed for an instructor by a proxy?

  • The best way to request by proxy is if the Proxy is designated Instructor or Course Builder in the Blackboard Course.  The Proxy can then create and populate Leganto Reading Lists as needed. 
  • If the Proxy does not have access to the Blackboard course, use Leganto outside of Blackboard to create a list, populate, publish and send to library.  The Leganto link can then be sent to the instructor to manage. 

FAQ: Leganto Contacts

Who do I contact to setup a BlackBoard account?

  • For questions and comments regarding Blackboard Courses email


Who do I contact to answer question about Course Reserves?

  • Kaitlyn Kinney (– reserves expert (policies, copyright, physical & electronic reserves, workflows) 
  • Chris Magee ( & Kathy Butler (– subject librarians & direct faculty support 
  • Janna Mattson ( - Blackboard expert, course integration