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Leganto - Course Reserves

Instruction and guidance for Faculty and Staff for using Leganto in Blackboard to manage their e-reserves

Tags - What are they and Why do I care?

Tagging is a feature within Course Reserves (Leganto) to inform both the Library and your students of your preferences regarding a given item.

Tagging menus can be found within your assembled list, seen below.

There are, in a sense, two ways to view the tags.

  • How you want your Students to consider a given reading, with the options at the top of the list of options
  • How you want Physical items to be handled in terms of lending options that are available

Tagging is REQUIRED with processing of physical items for Course Reserves holdings at our various Library locations.

What do the Tags Mean?

Some Tags are largely intended to convey significance of a given source for your students.  Others are intended to inform the University Libraries' of your preference for physical borrowing periods and/or digitization efforts. 

Student Oriented Tags:

  • Required
  • Recommended
  • Essential
  • Optional
  • Lecture Readings

Library Staff Oriented Tags:

  • Physical Reserves - 2 hours
  • Physical Reserves - media - 4 hours
  • Physical Reserves - 1 day
  • Physical Reserves - 3 days
  • Physical Reserves - 7 days
  • Reserves Purchase Order
  • Digitization Request

You may add more than one tag, though we do ask that tags of the Student Oriented set to be chosen thoughtfully, and the Library Staff Oriented set be limited to one.  This should alleviate confusion and reduce ambiguity for both Library Staff and Students.