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EDUC 300: Introduction to Teaching

Resources for Introduction to Teaching (EDUC 300)

Begin Your Research

Welcome to EDUC 300: Introduction to Teaching Infoguide!

Use this guide to discover teaching resources available to you at Mason.

  • Select a Topic - Pointers on finding and narrowing your topic
  • Create Searches - Identify and brainstorm keywords, create searches, types of sources
  • Find Articles - Key databases and journals for adolescent literacy
  • Find Books - Mason adolescent literacy e-books and print books
  • Locate Web Resources - Find online resource to use for your Intro to Teaching class.
  • Find Online Tutorials -   tutorials on beginning your research, finding & evaluating resources, using Zotero to create citations
  • Write & Cite - links to information on citing references using APA format and Zotero
  • Get Help - make an appointment with the Education Librarian, use Virtual reference, connect to the Writing Center, view maps of the Fenwick Library's resource locations, and step by step directions for many common library resources, connect to services for Mason Online students and faculty 

Course Assignments

Current Education Issue Presentation
Provide a one page hand out summarizing key points of your presentation including a bibliography (with a minimum of 5 sources). Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • Charter schools, vouchers, and school choice
  • Behavior intervention strategies
  • Classroom management
  • Gifted education
  • Parent/teacher communication strategies
  • Strategies for culturally responsive classrooms
  • Special education
  • Common Core assessments vs. SOLs
  • Title I schools
  • National Board Certification

Philosophy of Teaching Reflection
You are in this course because you have an interest in becoming a teacher.  What has driven you to this point in your academic/professional career. Your task is to construct a 3-4 page (APA formatted) reflective essay in which you address the following. Use each question as a heading for your responses.  (Be prepared to share some of these thoughts with classmates.)

  • What are the experiences that have shaped your desire to become an educator?
  • Where do your interests lie regarding population of students you would like to teach (e.g.,special education, English Language Learners, Kindergarten, etc.)?
  • What do you think being a teacher is like?
  • What questions do you have about teaching?
  • What concerns do you have about teaching?
  • How will your past experiences shape you as a future educator?

Design the Perfect Teacher

What makes a great teacher?  How does a great teacher make learning  engaging? What personal qualities do they possess that makes them great? Here’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you think makes a perfect teacher! Determine the method by which you will visually present your design:

  • video,
  • art media,
  • narrative, etc.

Educational Topic Infographic

Choose one of the educational topics and its accompanying research question provided by the instructors (you will sign up for your topic in class). Using the research strategies discussed in class, research the topic and find at least 4 scholarly sources on the topic.  Create an infographic that thoroughly and completely:

  1. Answers the research question posed using a variety of information;
  2. Offers your substantiated response to the research question based on the information you have provided;
  3. Utilizes the infographic format effectively to present your position;
  4. Includes a separate reference page in appropriate APA format.

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