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EDUC 301-Educating Diverse and Exceptional Learners

Use this courseguide to databases, magazines, journals, newsletters, web resource, and books pertaining to education diverse and exceptional learners

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Welcome to the EDUC 301Educating Diverse and Exceptional Learners Infoguide

Use this guide to locate sources to use for your course assignments.

EDUC 301 Assignments

Be a Teacher Presentation: You want to be a teacher...Here’s your chance! You will also practice collaboration skills by working with a peer to create and share a 15-20 minute multimedia presentation with your peers about one of the approved topics related to teaching and learning with exceptional and diverse learners. In this multimedia presentation, you will include a brief, meaningful activity to engage your peers around the content/topic. You will view and respond respectfully to your peers’ presentations. Topic approval and sign-up required. (List of potential topics, specific directions, and rubric on Blackboard).

Teacher Journal Article Response: Read two current professional practitioner journal articles on topics related to effectively teaching diverse and exceptional learners in inclusive classrooms. Article choices will be organized into folders: Teaching Learners with Special Needs, Teaching English Learners, and Creating Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Environments. You will select one article from these folders at two points during the semester without selecting two articles from the same folder. On a graphic organizer template, you will provide the following information for each article: 3 key concepts, 1 analytical paragraph showing connections and applications, 1 quote from each source worthy of class discussion, and 3 critical takeaways for future practice. Provide proper citation in APA-6 style for each article. Please note your connections, critiques, and/or questions/wonderings as your read so that you will be prepared to complete the graphic organizer and share your thinking with peers on Blackboard.

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