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EDUC 511: Child and Adolescent Development in Global Contexts

Resources related to child and adolescent development in global contexts

Begin your research

Welcome to the infoguide for EDUC 511: Child and Adolescent Development in Global Contexts

Use this guide to locate resources for your course assignments. See the boxes below for course assignments and other education infoguides.

  • Find Articles - Key databases and journals for Child and Adolescent Development in Global Contexts
  • Find Books - Search the Mason and Washington Research Library Consortium catalogs for books related to Child and Adolescent Development in Global Contexts
  • Find Websites - Connect to websites related to this topic including lesson plans, professional organizations, IBO Online curriculum resources, and state curriculum information.
  • Find Online Tutorials -   tutorials on beginning your research, finding & evaluating resources, using Zotero to create citations
  • Prepare Multimedia Presentations - tips for preparing multimedia presentations, information on getting started, and LinkedIn Learning tutorials on using Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Presentations, and iMovie.  
  • Write & Cite - Information on citing correctly in APA format, Zotero and contacting the Writing Center
  • Get Help - Access "How Do I...?" for step by step instructions on locating resources, Chat with a librarian, setup an appointment with the Education Librarian

Course Assignments

Listed below are assignments for EDUC 511 which will require library resources:

Dispositions for a Career Educator
This assignment requires you to consider the professional performance criteria for career educators, and the national standards for your association, including the IB Learner Profile. To do this, you will write a 4-5 page, double spaced, reflective essay identifying your teaching philosophy, professional strengths and areas for development with respect to the Dispositions of a Career Educator. These strengths and weaknesses should be clarified and substantiated with sufficient evidence.

Multimedia Project: Influences on Learning & Student Engagement
This project is designed to increase your knowledge about various factors that influence students and their ability to engage in learning. The concept (or influence) your group chooses should help you work more effectively with students and should be related to topics in the course. Examples of topics include: the importance of play in early childhood, gifted and talented students, the effects of divorce on children, inclusion in international schools, mobility/transition, cultural influences on teaching/learning, etc… Working in groups, students will utilize a multimedia tool (Prezi, iMovie, PowerPoint, etc.) to design a presentation on the group’s selected topic.  The presentation should have a script that is audio recorded with the presentation.  To gather your data, review several sources.

  • Two to three of your sources should come from traditional references such as referred journals or books.
  • You may use the Internet as a source of information, but you will need to evaluate the quality of the information you find and reference it properly.
  • Read and review what you have found, then select a minimum of five sources for your presentation of the key findings on the topic.
  • In addition, supply at least five on-line resources that your colleagues can draw upon to find further resources and information about your topic.

Review syllabus for complete list of work for EDUC 511.

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