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Data Analysis & Statistics

Resources on the topics covered in introductory statistics and data analysis classes (e.g., PUBP 511, COMM 650)

Writing about Numbers

Writing about Numbers

Highly recommended books that start from the beginning, explaining everything you need to know about reporting statistical data and test results. Writing about Multivariate Analysis includes the content from Writing about Numbers, supplementing it with the information researchers need to know. The downloadable podcasts are of the author presenting slides with content from the books.


Writing With Statistics

Reporting Statistics

Tables and Figures

More Tips

See also the Infoguides:

Writing Results Sections

  • Although focused on experiments, the majority of the book is describing various basic statistical analyses, how to interpret them (using SPSS output, but useful for anybody), and how to report them in APA style.
  • Field’s style is wordy, but friendly, interesting, and informative.