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Data Analysis & Statistics

Resources on the topics covered in introductory statistics and data analysis classes (e.g., PUBP 511, COMM 650)

Multiple Regression


More Regression Topics

Residuals & Model Fit

Regression Topics


Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

ANOVA vs Regression


Generalized Linear Models

These are when the dependent variable is not continuous.

Mixed & Multi-level Modeling

Mixed & Multi-level Modeling

  • An Introduction to Hierarchical Modeling
    • Graphical introduction to the concepts, including Random  Intercept and Random Slope
  • LEMMA: Learning Environment for Multilevel Methods and Applications
    • Free (requires registration) course from the center for Multilevel modeling that covers multiple regression and more.
  • Germán Rodríguez
    • Course materials on GLM and GLMM using Stata and R
  • Linear Models and Mixed Models with R by Bodo Winter
    • See Part I and Part 2
    • Although using R, this set of tutorials explains the important concepts