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Data Analysis & Statistics

Resources on the topics covered in introductory statistics and data analysis classes (e.g., PUBP 511, COMM 650)

Courses (Multi-Hour)

Conceptual Review

These are organized in a logical progression and thus good for refreshing your memory or understanding how the different concepts fit together. But, they are well labeled and can also be watched individually to review concepts. They usually cover similar topics as an introductory course, but are shorter and potentially more entertaining.

Full Academic Courses

These are very lengthy, with multiple videos covering each topic and replicating the topics and pace of a college course.

Data Analysis

More focused on practical data analysis issues and do not cover all the topics usually addressed in an introductory statistics course. Usually assumes knowledge of (or exposure to) calculations of average, different graph types, etc., though such things are often reviewed briefly.

Quick Reference


These are often grouped, but are not necessarily organized in a logical progression. They get right to the point and are focused on specific topics. Thus, they work best to review specific topics.

The Big Picture

These are most useful to know the key terminology and concepts so that you understand how everything fits together.

Department-Focused Videos

Department-Focused Videos

  • Kinesiology (Dr. Jacob Goodin)
    • 25 videos supplementing a measurement and statistics class. Uses SPSS.
  • Neuroscience  (Mumford Brain Stats)
    • 33 videos from an end of summer ram session. Assumes prior exposure to regression.