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Omeka Classic

A guide describing Omeka Classic and the basic functions of the software

Omeka Classic Resources

It is important when working with digital tools to know where to look when you need help or get stuck. Listed below are links to Omeka Classic's documentation and user forums. When running into an issue, first check the documentation and go through it step-by-step. If that does not resolve your problem, search the user forums to see if any other user has had the same or a similar issue. If your issue appears to be a unique one, feel free to post to the forums and see if the Omeka developers are able to assist you.

Below is a list of resources for using Omeka Classic. These resources are meant to supplement instructions for use found in the documentation.

Understanding Omeka Classic

Installing Omeka Classic

Creating exhibits

Using Omeka Classic in the classroom

  • Teaching History, Omeka