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Omeka Classic

A guide describing Omeka Classic and the basic functions of the software

Omeka Classic Plugins

Plugins extend the basic functionality of Omeka. The following is a selected list of Omeka Classic plugins that are useful for digital scholarship. Note that not all of the plugins are continuously updated; for some plugins, development has ceased. Check the specific plugin page for detailed information on current and past releases. 

  • CSV Import. Imports items, tags, and files from CSV files. 
  • Exhibit Builder. Build rich exhibits using Omeka. 
  • Exhibit Image Annotation. Annotate images in your exhibits. 
  • Geolocation. Adds location information and maps to Omeka. 
  • Posters. Create interpretative posters using Omeka items. 
  • Simple Pages. Allows administrators to create simple web pages for their public site.
  • Timeline. Adds a TimelineJS block to Exhibit Builder.

Please see their website for a complete listing of all Omeka Classic plugins. For instructions on how to use the plugins, see their documentation or screencasts