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A guide describing how to use Tropy, a research photo management tool

What is Project View?

Tropy's project view is the default view when you open Tropy. The project view lists all your items, and you can edit or tag multiple items at once. Project view enables you to see you work in "big picture" terms. 

To switch to item view, double click one of your items. 

Functions Within Project View

Items within Tropy can contain one or multiple images, which is useful for documents containing more than one page. Each photograph within one item will contain the same metadata. Combining photographs into items is not intended to collect different documents. 

There are two ways to combine photographs into an item. 

  • Drag and drop. Drag one item on top of another to combine them into a single item. 
  • Right click. Hold down the command or control key, and click on each item. Right click, and choose merge selected items from the drop down menu. 

There are two ways to add an image that is not currently in Tropy to an item that is in Tropy.

  • Right click on the item you want to add photos to. Choose add photo and select an image or images from your file system. Click open. The image(s) will be added to your item, and are viewable in the item pane under photos. 

  • In the item pane under photos, click the +. Select one or more photos, and click open.

To add metadata to an item, click the item to select it. In the metadata pane on the right hand side of the screen, enter the metadata for that item. To save, press enter, or press tab to move on to the next field. 

Tropy comes pre-loaded with three metadata templates: Dublin Core, Tropy Correspondence, and Tropy Generic. You can edit these existing templates to reorder, add, or subtract fields, or you can add a new template. Learn more about templates, including how to create a template, edit a template, import and export templates, and add vocabularies, by reading Tropy's documentation

To select a metadata template, click the dropdown menu under item. 

To add a metadata field to an item, right click in the metadata pane, select new field, and a dropdown box of new fields will appear. Select which field you would like to add to the template. The field you added to the template will appear in italics in the metadata pane. 

You can add metadata to your item from the item view as well. Double click the item to navigate to item view, and the metadata pane will appear on the left hand side of the screen. 

Tags are useful for describing and grouping similar items within your project. It is important to consider what items you have in your project and how they can best be categorized in order to create a meaningful tagging system. 

To add tags to an item, click on the tags tab of the metadata pane. Select add tag and type your new tag name. To save, press enter. Your tag will appear in the tag list in the sidebar and in the tags tab of the metadata pane.

To add tags to multiple items at once, use control/command and select the items you want to tag, or use shift and click the items, and select add tag. Type the new tag name and press enter to save. 

To see all items with the same tag, click on the tag name in the sidebar. 

Lists can be used to organize and link items in Tropy either by theme or by structure. Items can be put into multiple lists. When put into a list, items will remain in the main project view. 

To create a list, go to file > new > list. The new list will show up in the sidebar. Then type a name for your list and press enter. 

Once you have created your first list, you are able to create more lists by right clicking on lists or the project name in the left pane and choosing new list. 

To add items to a list, you can drag and drop them. You can add multiple items to a list at once by choosing multiple items and dragging and dropping them into the list.