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A guide describing how to use Tropy, a research photo management tool

What is Item View?

Item view is where you focus on the content of individual items. Within item view you can edit metadata, tag items, and take notes on or transcribe items. 

To switch to project view, click the left facing arrow in the upper left hand corner of Tropy. 

Functions Within Item View

The toolbar at the top of the photo pane in item view enables you to perform basic photo editing. 

Viewing the buttons from left to right, they allow you to perform the following actions: 

  • Arrow: The basic tool for clicking on your photo. Double click the arrow to zoom your photo to 100%. 
  • Select: Create selections that stand on their own. Learn more about selections by tabbing over to the next section. 
  • Rotate: Rotate your photo counterclockwise in 90 degree increments. 
  • Mirror: Flip your image to its mirror. 
  • Pan: Move your photo around while it is zoomed in. 
  • Fit width: Fit your photo to the width of the photo pane. 
  • Fit window: Fit your entire photo into the photo pane. 
  • Zoom slider: Manually zoom in or out on your photo. 
  • Advanced photo editing: Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness of your photo. You can invert the colors of your photo, which is useful if you have microfilm or another type of source in a negative. Clicking revert to original will reset all of the photo editing settings, including the non-advanced features such as rotation and mirroring. 

Selections enable you to highlight portions of an item. They create a cropped copy of your photo that you can rename and add notes to. 

To create a selection, click on the select button in the photo editing toolbar. Then draw a rectangle on the portion of your photo that you want to select. 

When you create a selection, it will appear nested underneath the original photo in the photos pane on the left hand side of the item view. If you click on the selection, it will appear highlighted in the item view. 

You can change the name of your selection by clicking on its name in the photos tab, and then clicking again. You can create metadata for the selection by scrolling down in the metadata pane past the item and photo metadata information to the selection portion.  

To transcribe or take notes on an item, click in the bottom pane of the item view and start typing. Notes and transcriptions save automatically, and are editable at any time. Notes attach to photos or selections within an item, not the item itself. All notes for an item are listed in the notes pane on the left hand side of the item view. An item can contain multiple notes.

Use the toolbar in the notes pane to format your notes. 

Viewing the buttons from left to right, they allow you to perform the following actions: 

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strike through
  • Block quote
  • Superscript
  • Subscript 
  • Bulleted list 
  • Enumerated list
  • Hyperlink