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SimplyAnalytics: Getting Started

A guide to using the SimplyAnalytics (formally SimplyMap) database to access data related to Census and market research and to create online mapping.

Create a report and export your report

comparison Report

Click on Quick Report on the right side of the interface, you will see the report compared to the USA in general (as default)

If you want to compare your chosen variable data against other locations such as VA, click on "Location" on the left side of the interface and type, VA.  It will add VA data to compare with your study location variable.  

Click on "Export" on the top right side to export this data (in CSV, txt, etc).

Data Ranking


Click on "Ranking" on the right side of the interface, you will see ranking by location units (County, Zip code, Cities, Census Tracts) with your chosen variable to identify which areas have the top areas for the variable in your chosen location.    

Getting Data in Time Series for all Census Tracts for USA

If you want to create a report for the USA by Census Tracts for time series data, follow the steps below: Use Create Ranking (on the right side), choose variables and years from Data Folder, choose Census Tracts as geographic units, and choose, Top +10000 (if you want to get the data for all Census Tracts for the USA (as the figure shown below)


.Getting All Census Tracts for the USA