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Learn Python for Data

Resources to learn and use the Open Source Programming Environment Python for Data Science.


Almost all tutorials on using Python for data assume experience with Python or enough programming knowledge and experience to be able to follow along with a very quick review.

If you want a single course for people with no prior experience, this is the best option:

Otherwise, start with any general tutorial and make sure that you learn about the following before following a Panda's-specific tutorial below.

  • Data Types (e.g., Numeric, String)
  • Data Structures (e.g., Lists, Dictionaries)
  • Variables and Objects
  • Conditional Statements (e.g., If Statements)
  • Functions, Methods, and Modules


Pandas - Python for Data Analysis, provides R-like tools for data frames. 

Wes McKinney is the author of pandas – a Python library for data analysis. This book covers basic usage of pandas and NumPy for data wrangling and analysis and serves as a good companion to the pandas documentation.

Code Snippets

Importing and Managing Data Frames