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Geospatial Data & GIS

A guide to help you discover geospatial data and GIS resources and services availalbe for your research

Introduction to GIS @ Digital Scholarshop, Mason Libraries.

Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS Software.

This session will focus on the fundamental concepts of GIS and skills needed to begin using ArcGIS software to create a thematic map.  Topics will include: What is GIS? Common spatial data formats ; projections and coordinate system;  ArcGIS user interface and basic analysis functions including joining tables to create a thematic map.

See the Handout Tutorial

ArcGIS Online Basics:

This session will cover the basics of creating a web map and mapping application.   Topics will include how to add data from various sources, basic analysis functions, publish and share your web maps and applications.   

See the Handout Tutorial.

Introduction to QGIS:

This session will cover basic platform of QGIS (plug-in functions and connect to cloud source data), spatial analysis functions of QGIS using vector and raster data. 

 Python Basics:

This session will cover basic information about getting started with Python Programming.  Topics will include basic syntax, operators and data type (string, numbers, lists), variables, loop (if, for, while, break, continue, else clauses), etc. 


Intermediate GIS @ Digital Scholarship, Mason Libraries.

Intermediate GIS Using Spatial Analysis Tools.

This session builds upon the skills obtained in the Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS.  Topics will include: Geocoding of addresses data, common spatial analysis tools such as clip, buffer, intersect, dissolve, and spatial join, etc.

See the Handout Tutorial.

Twitter Data Visualization with Carto:

This session will cover how to collect geo-tagged twitter data using Carto (online web mapping tool) and visualize the data with basic analysis tools offered by Carto Builder.  Users need to activate your Google account by contacting Carto ( before the workshop. 

Webscraping with Python Beautiful Soup.

This session covers topics:  What is Web scraping?  Why do we need it? ; How to parse a web page to extract data, how to save parsed data in CSV format; terms of services and legal issues involved in website scraping, and more.

See the slide.

Advanced GIS @ Digital Scholarship, Mason Libraries

Data Mining Using Python and Twitter APIs:

See the tutorial 

Python for ArcPy:

The above workshops will be offered based on request.  Please contact Joy Suh if you want to learn the following skills.