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Geospatial Data & GIS

A guide to help you discover geospatial data and GIS resources and services available for your research

Proprietary Software

    • This suite of software is in wide use due to it's power and features. Mason has a site license so it can be installed on any Mason-owned computer, and some student computers.
    • Includes ArcGIS Pro (desktop, PC only), ArcGIS online, and ArcMap (being phased out in 2026).

Open Source GIS and Geospatial Tools

Additional Online Tools

  • Geocoder (the Bureau of Census): Convert address data to XY and Census Geographies up to 10000 records. See the guide to use this tool.
  • GeoCoding Tools (Univ. of Penn): Provides various tools for geocoding.
  • Geotools: Includes various resources related to geography and GIS tools (via Michigan State University).
  • Mapshaper: A tool for topologically aware shape simplification. Reads and writes Shapefile, GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats.
  • Pyramid Shader: A specialized application for visualizing terrain models and other digital raster data. Can can create shaded relief, illuminated and shadowed contour lines, hypsometric colors, local hypsometric colors, exposition colors, bivariate colors, slope, aspect, and profile curvature.