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Geospatial Data & GIS

A guide to help you discover geospatial data and GIS resources and services availalbe for your research

GIS Data Collection at Mason

Geospatial data is usually information identifying an object on the earth that can be represented in a form of geographic coordinates. The data is often included as an attribute data (as locational information) found in a dataset so that the data can be imported or used in GIS tools. 

Use the following steps to find geospatial data for the Libraries' collection: 

GIS Data On the Web:U.S.

  • Start with stop catalog to discover GIS data (including statistical data) published by US federal and State agencies (see geospatial data catalog of from FGDC).
  • ArcGIS Open Data: check free GIS data published by federal, state, local, and other organizations.
  • OpenGeoportal: check data available from a collaborative universities and other repositories.
  • Big Ten Academic Geoportal: check data available from big ten universities' GIS collection
  • OpenStreetMap: download up to date street layers


GIS Data on the Web:Global