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Research Data Management Basics

This guide covers practical tips and best practices for managing project data.

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Contact Details:

Wendy Mann Margaret Lam
Director, Digital Scholarship Center Physical Sciences & STEM Data Librarian
703-993-5272 703-993-2212
DiSC Workshops: Check out the Digital Scholarship Center's scheduled workshops for the fall and spring semesters.
More Information from DiSC: Get more specific information on best practices, software tools and "how to's."

Mason Research Support & Policies

The Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC) helps George Mason faculty, staff and students manage and publish data they produce.  Listed below are campus resources for managing your grant application and research project.

Research Policies

University research policies govern management and ownership of research data.


A big thank you to Jen Doty from Emory University Libraries, Sherry Lake from UVa Libraries, and Katherine McNeill from MIT Libraries, for permission to re-use their content.