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Research Data Management Basics

This guide covers essential and practical tips for managing project data and lists contacts for getting help with data questions.

Need help writing a data management plan to submit with a grant proposal?

The Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC) helps George Mason faculty, staff, and students manage and publish data they produce. We can answer questions about and guide you through the process of writing your data management plan. If you would like feedback or help with your plan, request help at least two weeks in advance of any due dates.

  • The DMPTool helps you to create ready-to-use data management plans to meet funder and institutional requirements
    • When you connect to the DMPTool, you can login using your Mason username and password.
  • Remember to check the funder and grant solicitation for any additional requirements.
  • Use the DMPTool Quick Start Guide to get started.

DMPTool Logo and Tagline: Making best practice easier

Additional Information

Questions? Contact us for help.

NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans (effective January 25, 2023)

NIH Scientific Data Sharing Website


DMPTool's NIH Data Management & Sharing Template
Maintainers at the DMPTool prepared an enhanced template for NIH Data Management & Sharing Plans. This template includes suggested language. It provides more detail than the basic DMSP Template from NIH.


Selecting a Research Repository for Final Data*

  1. Consult the funding opportunity announcement (FOA). Is it directing you to a specific NIH repository (or set of repositories)? If yes, then use what the FOA specifies.
  2. If the FOA does not specify a repository to use, researchers are encouraged to select a data repository that is appropriate for the data generated from the research project. Consult the NIH Repositories for Sharing Scientific Data.
  3. If no appropriate discipline or data-type specific repository is available select one of the following:

Contact us with questions about selecting a research repository.

NIH Learning

Find resources and training opportunities for NIH sharing policies. Includes webinars, slide decks, and resources on Understanding the News Data Sharing and Management (DMS) Policy.


*NIH: Selecting a Data Repository

Examples of Data Management Plans

Data management planning is an important part of a research project. The plans required by funders are the first step in addressing how you will manage your research data. Once you get funding for your project, the second phase is building from your initial data management plan and devising a more detailed plan. Of course, writing a data management plan need not be tied to a grant proposal.