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Scholarly Resources: Acquisitions & Cancellations

Overview of the Libraries' collections with updates and cancellation lists.

FY24 Cancellation Lists

In Fall 2023, the Libraries completed Phase 1 of our strategy for meeting FY24-FY25 cost reduction targets. Phase 1 focused on routine curation, that is, canceling subscriptions with low return on investment based on a variety of factors, such as minimal usage, misalignment with current research and teaching needs, and availability of identical or similar content via more cost-effective channels. As part of this curation, we are also ending any print subscriptions for which we have robust online access, as many universities have done since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Finally, the lists below also include resources cancelled due to problematic changes in the terms of electronic resource license agreements.

The subscription cancellations identified in Phase 1 take effect on or around January 1, 2024.

These cancellation lists are viewable by anyone in George Mason University's Microsoft 365 environment.

Past Cancellations

FY2023 Cancellations

In Fiscal Year 2023, the Libraries' budget was flat. As our subscription costs inflate by 2-10% per year, a flat budget reduces our buying power by several hundred thousand dollars. Subscription cancellations made in FY23 fell within the scope of our routine curation practices, with resources cancelled based on extremely low usage, availability of robust equivalents to the cancelled resource, extremely high price increases (>10%), and/or problematic changes to license terms.

FY 2023 online resource cancellations