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Newly Purchased Books

Getting Books in Spring 2021

You can search for ebooks directly in the Mason Libraries Catalog, or search in one of our ebook databases. For Fall 2020, some scanned copies of books are also available through the HathiTrust Emergency Access program.

To search for an ebook:

  • Search using your keywords or subject terms from the Mason Libraries Search (or use the box below)
  • From the list of results, use the left-hand filters to limit to "Availability -- Available Online" and "Resource Type -- Books"

Advanced Search

You can also search directly in one of our ebook databases to find or browse for ebooks. (TIP: From this link, you can use the "All Subjects" filter to limit to ebook collections that contain Art & Arts Management titles.)

While the library shelves are closed for browsing, you can still request materials through our catalog and pick them up at any of our locations.

How can I borrow books, dvds, or other items from Mason Libraries?

  • Search for the book, dvd, or other item in our catalog.
  • Log in to your library account.
  • Under "Get It," use the "Request" tab to see request options and choose your pickup location.

If an item is owned by Mason but you don't see a request option (and it's not available through HathiTrust), you can email the Fenwick Circulation team to ask about other options,

Screenshot of Mason Libraries catalog, showing the location of the "Request" button to borrow books


How can I borrow a book or read an article that isn't in Mason Libraries?

If you need a book, article, or other materials that is not available through Mason Libraries, use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request a copy of the item.

  • For most journal articles, you will receive a PDF or scanned copy of the article.
  • For most books, the item will be sent to the library location of your choice, and you will receive an alert from us when it is ready to pick up.

When searching in our catalog, you might see a note that a book is available through the HathiTrust Emergency Access Service.

How to access the scanned copy:

  • Click the "Sign in to HathiTrust" link from the book's record
  • Once you're on the HathiTrust site, login in the upper right corner
  • Select GMU from the list of institutions and login with your Mason credentials
  • After you're logged in, look for the "Temporary Access" link in the book's record

This allows you to "check out" the copy for one hour at a time (which can be renewed if no one else is waiting to view the book).

Screenshot of Mason Libraries catalog search for the book "Intelligence of Rajput Paintings," showing the location of the "hathiTrust Emergency Access" link.

Screenshot of the HathiTrust Emergency Access page, showing the "login" and "Temporary Access" link locations for scanned books.

Digital Books

The Mason Search bar is a great place to look for digital theatrical resources, including ebooks. These ebooks include plays, criticism, theory, history, and practice. In order to find the books availible online, search for your terms and then filter your search on the left to "Available Online."

Read Printed Books and Reference Works

The printed collection includes thousands of circulating books on theater history, performance, biography, genres, styles, and theory/analysis, as well as reference works such as encyclopedias, indexes, bibliographies, and reviews.

Search Mason Library's collection to find specific books by title, author, keyword, or subject heading.

Books about theater theory, performance, craft, and history are predominantly on the 4th floor in the PN section.

The scripts are mixed in with the general literature by country, era, and author (PA - PT).

A small number of non-circulating theatrical rarities (such as theatrical records, programs, posters, and scripts) are located in the Special Collections Research Center at Fenwick Library.

Don't forget to look in the Reference and Folio Sections on the first floor of the Fenwick Library. They house hidden theatrical treasures, including includes such gems as New York Times Reviews throughout history, Variety's obituaries, and large books of theatrical designs.

Quick Guide to Theater Call Numbers

The Library of Congress classification system is built for academic, rather than practical use, so books that are useful to theater artists are in various places throughout the collection.

Theatrical Design (PN 2085-PN 2091)

  • Costume Design
    • GT 500-GT 2289: Costumes (History) - 3rd Floor Compact Shelves
    • GT 2290-GT 2341: Hair, cosmetics (History) - 3rd Floor Compact Shelves
    • GT 1747: Masks (History) - 3rd Floor Compact Shelves
    • NK 8802-NK8998: Textile arts (History) - 4th Floor Compact Shelves
    • PN 2068: Make-up - 4th Floor Compact Shelves
    • TS 545-TT850: Costumes -- Construction - 5th Floor
  • Set Design
    • NA: Architecture - 4th Floor
    • ND 2885: Scene painting - 4th Floor
    • PN 2091.S8: Stage settings; scenery - 4th Floor
  • Lighting Design
    • PN 2091.E4: Electric devices; stage lighting - 4th Floor
  • Sound Design
    • PN 2091.S6: Sound Design - 4th Floor

Performance (PN2000-3307)

  • PN 2053: Production, Direction, and Dramaturgy - 4th Floor
  • PN 2061-PN 2071: Acting - 4th Floor
    • PN 2080: Scenes and Monologue Collections - 4th Floor
  • PN 2085: Stage Management - 4th Floor


  • PN1660-1693: Technique of dramatic composition -4th Floor

Theory and Education

  • PN2049: Theater and society. Applied drama - 4th Floor

Theater History (PN2101- PN2277)

  • By Era
    • PN 2131-PN 2145: Ancient Theatre History - 4th Floor
    • PN 2152-PN 2160: Medieval theatre history - 4th Floor
    • PN 2171-PN 2179: Renaissance theatre history - 4th Floor
    • PN 2181-PN 2193: Modern theatre history - 4th Floor
  • By Country
    • PN2219.3-3030: Special regions or countries - 4th Floor

Special Topics (PN3035-PN3299)

  • PN3035: The Jewish theater - 4th Floor
  • PN3151-3171: Amateur theater - 4th Floor
  • PN3175-3191: College and school theatricals - 4th Floor
  • PN3203-3299: Tableaux, pageants, "Happenings," etc. - 4th Floor

Scripts (see Scripts page)

Borrow Books Beyond Mason

If we don't have the book you're looking for, expand your search beyond Mason Libraries.

The WRLC (Washington Research Library Consortium)

We have seven regional partner libraries in DC, and Mason patrons may borrow circulating music books (and scores) from any partner-- without physically visiting. Search our shared WRLC catalog; when you find the record for the book you want, click the red REQUEST button and it will be delivered to Fenwick for your pickup in three days. Here's the link: WRLC Catalog. (But in order to make this work, stop first at a Mason Libraries service desk with your Mason card and ask to be added to the WRLC user-base.)


WorldCat is a giant catalog of the holdings of thousands of libraries, mostly in the USA. Use this when looking for music books not held by local libraries- it will let you know if some other library in the country owns it. Here's the link: WorldCat Advanced Search 
You can't request a book directly from one of these libraries; instead, submit an interlibrary loan request via our "ILLiad" interface; here's the link: ILLiad. It could be up to two weeks (or more) before your book arrives, depending on location of the lender. You'll get an email when it is ready for pickup.