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Find DIGITIZED Scripts

You can find thousands of digital scripts through the Mason Search bar on the main page, if you search for the title of the script or the playwright and then filter by "Available Online" and by "Resource Type: Book." 


  • Put quotations marks around the title to ensure that it searches for the complete title (ex. "We're Gonna Die"). 
  • If you are getting irrelevant results, (ex. articles about housing when you search "Rent"), filter by Subject.

We also have many databases that contain digitized scripts, including those focused on BIPOC and female playwrights.



George Mason has a collection of Acting Editions of scripts. To find these editions, go to the Advanced Search and enter "Acting Editions" into the Subject search. This will give you a comprehensive list of all the acting editions in our collection.



Find PRINTED Scripts

Within the Library of Congress Classification System, plays are mixed in with all of literature. Literature is divided first into countries, where you will find play collections, and then by individual authors by era of time. If you know the author's country and era, their plays will be easier to find on the shelves. The plays are located in the compact shelving on the 4th Floor.

To find specific scripts, search Mason Library's collection by title, author, keyword, or subject heading.

  • Literature (General). Drama: PN1600-3307 
    • The Monologue: PN1530 
    • The Dialogue: PN1551
    • Dramatic representation. The Theater: PN2000-3307 
      • By time period: PN2131-2193
    • Collections of General Literature. Drama: PN6110.5-6120
  • Greek Literature: PA3050-4505 
    • Authors: PA3818-4505
  • French Literature: PQ500-2726
    • Drama Collections: PQ1211-1241
    • Authors: PQ1411-2726
  • Italian Literature: PQ4133-4926
    • Drama Collections: PQ4227-4245
    • Authors: PQ4265-4926
  • Spanish Literature: PQ6098.7-6726
    • Drama Collections: PQ6217-6241
    • Authors: PQ6271-6726
  • English Literature: PR621-6126
    • Drama Collections: PR1241-1273
    • Authors: PR1490-6126
  • American Literature: PS330-3626 
    • Drama Collections: PS623-635
    • Authors: PS700-3626
  • German Literature: PT605-2728 
    • Drama Collections: PT1251-1299
    • Authors: PT1501-2728

External Resources

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