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The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activity, and Research (OSCAR) Celebration Resources

A video presentation is taking a face-to-face sharing of your research findings (a poster, a short presentation, a three-minute thesis) and moving that to a set video presentation about your research.

GMU Digital Scholarship Center

George Mason University has a great Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC)! A lot of students participating in the Celebration of Student Scholarship  might have to make a visual representation of their collected data for the first time. DiSC has a variety of helpful workshops on collecting and looking at data and other libguides specifically for data visualization and digital humanities software. For the purposes of this video presentation at the Celebration of Student Scholarship, we recommend looking at the Digital Humanities page.

Resources to check out:

We recommend the following two libguides to undergraduate students working on digital scholarship for the first time. The first is a libguide that focuses on data visualization and gives great comprehensive guides to dos and don'ts when showing your research visually. The second is link to the libguide for software for digital scholarship, which gives links and explanations for all the software available for student use

We also recommend looking at the various workshop slides that are available on the Digital Scholarship Center site. These are the slides that are used during the live workshops, available 24/7 for your perusal. We recommend at least browsing the "Surviving a Data Analysis Project" workshop slides, especially for students who have not done one before. 

  • Surviving a Data Analysis Project — Slides

GMU Media Collections and Services

The Media Collections and Services is another great resource for students looking for help with their video presentations. They have a myriad of helpful links, including a link to information on copyright, a media FAQ for the services during COVID, and a link to resources for creating your own media, which is exactly what you are doing with your video presentation! Check out all their helpful information!

GMU Film, Video, and Media Studies Databases

You can also search one of our databases for help and content. When you go to the research database page on our library site, click on Film, Video, and Media section for all the databases related to these subjects. This subject will be the most helpful for finding resources for creating your video presentations. We recommend looking at the following databases available to students: