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The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activity, and Research (OSCAR) Celebration Resources

A video presentation is taking a face-to-face sharing of your research findings (a poster, a short presentation, a three-minute thesis) and moving that to a set video presentation about your research.

Instructions on YouTube Upload

You will have to upload your video presentation to Youtube in order to submit your link and complete your registration. If you have never uploaded to Youtube before this can seem daunting. Please use the links to the left to watch a tutorial on how to upload from your computer or from your phone. You will also need to make sure your video is unlisted when you upload it to Youtube. If you aren't sure how to do that please clink on the link on the left titled "To make your video unlisted". 

You will need to have a Youtube account in order to upload a video. If you have a gmail account, you already have a Youtube account automatically generated from your gmail account. If you don't it is very easy to sign up for a gmail account and have a Youtube account generated.

How Do I Upload?

How to Post Your First YouTube Video [Step-by-Step]

This link is to a Youtube Tutorial on how to post your very first Youtube video. This is a great tutorial for any students who have never posted on Youtube before. This is especially helpful for students who have not created a channel or gmail account before now.

How to Upload Videos on YouTube from Your Phone

This link is also to a Youtube tutorial, and shows you the same process of how to upload a video, but from your phone. Please note that if you choose this method it is easier to create your channel from a computer first, and then upload the video from your phone.

How to Make Your Video Unlisted

This is a link to Youtube support which shows you have to make your video unlisted. All students must make their videos unlisted. Please make sure to make your video unlisted NOT private. We will not be able to see the video and embed it to our Celebration site if it is private.