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Art History

Scholarly resources for study and research in Art History

Reference Sources

Reference sources can help you understand the basics of a topic or get factual details.

  • Bibliographies often provide an overview of a person/art, or specialized subject (like "Ancient Egyptian Art"), along with recommended core/major sources and readings. These are useful if you're writing a literature review and need to understand current issues or the "state" of research in an area of art history.
  • Indexes and iconographies are more specialized sources. These can be used to investigate the iconographic meaning of works.

Online Encyclopedias and Indexes

Specialized Encyclopedias

These reference sets support specialized or advanced research on specific fields or subfields of art history. Most of these are available in print at Mason Libraries, which can make them difficult to view during COVID-19. If you want to use these or have questions, contact Stephanie Grimm, for help!