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Art History

Scholarly resources for study and research in Art History

Reference sources can help you understand the basics of a topic or get factual details.

  • Handbooks are useful if you're writing a literature review and need to understand the current state of research on a topic.
  • Bibliographies provide critical summaries/overview of a person or topic (like "Ancient Egyptian Art"), with a list of major sources/readings on that topic.
  • Indexes provide lists of names, themes, places, etc. referenced in a work or body of work (e.g., the Index of Medieval Art might give you a list of all known medieval artworks on the theme of the Crucifixion).

Art Indexes/Encyclopedias

These reference sources cover the subject of art history generally, from ancient through contemporary artists of all cultures.

Below is a sample of some of the specialized art encyclopedias and indexes through Mason Libraries. Search for more in our catalog with terms like encyclopedia, index, handbook, or reference + your area of interest (for example, "ancient egypt encyclopedia").