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Library Search Tips & Features

This guide will help you do better searches when looking for library resources.

Finding WRLC Resources

If you searched the WRLC Catalog in the past to find resources at other Washington area schools:


image of old WRLC catalog search interface

Search WRLC with these Search Options

Now, you must use the "WRLC Members" search option highlighted below to search WRLC libraries. You will also see this option at the top of the Advanced Search form.


WRLC search option image


Enter your search terms and then select the WRLC Members option.

Once you've done that, you will be given the option (on the right) to select what information you are searching:

  • Catalogs + Articles and More will give you results that include books, articles, images, media, music and more.
  • The Catalog Only option is just that --the results will include books, journals and other items that were found using the catalog search in the past.  The results will NOT include articles or other information from research databases. 

In this example, we've chosen to search the catalogs of WRLC members.  Nearly 23,000 results are on the list we get. 

Note that the top result is a journal.  This search will tell you if a library has access to the journal but the results will NOT include any articles from the journal.  To find those, you must use WRLC Members search and the Catalog + Articles and More options.

  • When you find what you need,
  • Sign in to the search, and locate the How to Get It section.  
  • Click on the CLS Request link to start the request process.  On average, requests are filled within 3 business days.
  • OR
  • If you need it right away, and the WRLC schools with the book are listed, you can go to their library to borrow it.


image of CLS request link