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Network Analysis

What is Network Analysis and Social Network Analysis, and how you perform it.

Comprehensive Resources

Online Courses (Video)

  • Social and Economic Networks by Coursera -  A more advanced and theoretical course that delves deeper into the mathematical foundations of network structure and analysis. Assumes some level of familiarity with linear algebra, probability and statistics concepts.
  • Coconuts from UVM (slides and lecture recordings) -- another more advanced course weighted towards the mathematical and statistical side of social network analysis. Detailed slides and youtube videos included


Textbook-like resources

  • Networks pdf by AnalyticTech - A comprehensive text-heavy book written in easy-to-understand language for beginners, that nevertheless digs into deeper and more advanced topics towards the end, such as clique identification, structural equivalence or block-modelling.
  • Networks by Hanneman - A good introductory but thorough text that uses UCINet to go over practice problems and examples.