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Network Analysis

What is Network Analysis and Social Network Analysis, and how you perform it.

Gephi is a free, open source software for network analysis. It is very popular because of it's capabilities, but it can be difficult to use.

Access to Gephi


Help from Gephi

  • Gephi Tutorial Visualization - A slide set on the visualization capabilities and options of the software from the Gephi developers themselves.
  • Support Forum

Other Gephi Tutorials

  • Gephi Introduction from Martin Grand Jean
    • A great, easy-to-follow visual guide that steps through the installation process, importing network data, and using the network data to perform basic analysis and appealing visualizations.
  • My Facebook Network from OUseful.Info
    • A use study of Gephi on a personal Facebook network. Gives users a well worked out example on how to use Gephi to produce informative analyses and attractive visualization of their own Facebook networks.
  • Video
    • Explanation of basic network concepts, computer representations, with practical examples, and intro to Gephi