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Learn R

Resources to learn and use the Open Source Statistical software R (R-Project)

Choose from the following: 

  • dplyr / tidyr (tidyverse) - most popular, our recommended choice
  • data.table – powerful and flexible referencing, with shorthand notation for programmers: ​mydata[rows, columns, by
    • Example (changes values to "VA"):  mydata[state == "Virginia", state := "VA"]
    • Preferred by data Scientists and those who work with Big Data (> 1 million records) (comparison with dplyr)
    • Learn to work with large dataset in R by Analytics Vidhya
  • sqldf – lets you use SQL on R datframes. Use this only if you don't intend to learn R. If you just want to use data that is in a database, you can use dplyr with dbplyr and the DBI package

The Tidyverse

The Tidyverse: dplyr, tidyr and many more

  • dplyr is used to manipulate one dataset
  • tidyr is used to combine datasets or restructure a dataset