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Find Data: International Statistics & Data

A selection of major global and regional statistical and data sources.

Find Best Places to Start

This section only includes those resources for statistics on this region of the world. 

Please consult the list of "Global Statistical Resources" for other useful data for these countries.

Search by Topic or Country

Specific Countries: China and India

  • Data-Planet Statistical Datasets: Includes detailed China data for various topics. Create online maps, and download boundary files associated with your geography. Once connected to Data Planet click on the Source List on the left sidebar to access China data. (library subscription)
  • Indiastat: Statistical data from the government of India and private sources. Subjects covered include: demographics, economics, finance, agriculture, health, housing, transportation, and more. Note: To access content, click "IP Login" at the top of the Indiastat webpage. Database limited to a single user. Please log out after use. (library subscription)
  • Geospatial

    • China GeoExplorer II: China's census, business and government related data (2000) with GIS administrative boundaries. (library subscription)
    • China Data Center: provides many free statistical and GIS boundary data.
    • India Historical Map: India's socio-economic census data (1951-2001) with GIS census district boundaries. Available via Geodata Server (library subscription)
    • India Poll Map: India's population and election data (1989-2004) with  GIS parliamentary district boundaries. Available via Geodata Server (library subscription)

Economy & Trade

Intellectual Propertiy