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POGO 646: Policy & Program Evaluation

A guide for students in the Policy & Program Evaluation course.

Step 1: Check the Agency Website

Step 1: Check the Agency Website

Go to the website for the agency that runs the program of interest. Locate any evaluations published there.


  • Look for a link to publications, research, performance, or reports
  • If you don't see a link to a page of reports, try a Google search limited to the agency website
    • example: SNAP reports

Step 2: Search Library Databases

Step 2: Search library databases (see below for suggestions!)

a) Start with the program name in quotation marks.

Example: "earned income tax credit"

b) If you get too many results, or a lot of results aren't evaluations, focus your search like this:

"Program Name" AND (outcome OR effectiv* OR evaluat* OR assess* OR impact)

Databases for any policy area

Databases for specific policy areas

Step 3: Mine bibliographies for older evaluations

Step 3: Mine bibliographies for older evaluations

Check the bibliographies & footnotes of the evaluations you find for additional program evaluations, then find those via