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POGO 646: Policy & Program Evaluation

A guide for students in the Policy & Program Evaluation course.

Begin your research

Welcome to the POGO 646: Program Evaluations Infoguide

Use this guide to locate sources to use for your course assignments.

  • Find Program Evaluations - Follow a 3-step process to locate your evaluations
  • Choose a Program - Tips for finding a suitable program for your evaluation synthesis
  • Write & Cite - Information on Zotero and contacting the Writing Center
  • Get Help - Chat with a librarian or set up an appointment with the Public Policy Librarian

What is an evaluation synthesis?

What is an evaluation synthesis?

  • According to the Government Accountability Office evaluation synthesis is a systematic procedure for organizing findings from several disparate evaluation studies. This is done to answer questions on a program's operations, as well as its effectiveness. It can also identify aspects that can be approved. 
  • Of the 7-step process, this guide can assist you with step 2, the gaining of documents.

What does a program evaluation look like?

  • Program evaluations are reports that can assess the program's status, its effects, and answer questions on how the program works for certain subjects or situations. It's important to note that, various methods can be used to find program evaluations.
  • It might not say "program evaluation" in the title! Look for title words like impact, assessing, effectiveness, outcomes
  • Look for evaluative content -- are there data on the impact or effectiveness of a program?
  • Evaluations do not have to be peer reviewed -- they might be think tank reports, GAO reports, CRS reports, PART reports...

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