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POGO 646: Policy & Program Evaluation

A guide for students in the Policy & Program Evaluation course.

Begin your research

Welcome to the POGO 646: Program Evaluations Infoguide

Use this guide to locate sources to use for your course assignments.

  • Find Program Evaluations - Follow a 3-step process to locate your evaluations
  • Choose a Program - Tips for finding a suitable program for your evaluation synthesis
  • Write & Cite - Information on Zotero and contacting the Writing Center
  • Get Help - Chat with a librarian or set up an appointment with the Public Policy Librarian

Identifying program evaluations

What does a program evaluation look like?

  • It might not say "program evaluation" in the title! Look for title words like impact, assessing, effectiveness, outcomes
  • Look for evaluative content -- are there data on the impact or effectiveness of a program?
  • Evaluations do not have to be peer reviewed -- they might be think tank reports, GAO reports, CRS reports...

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