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Digital Humanities

A guide to the concepts and tools of the expanding field of digital humanities

Digital storytelling is a multimedia process that usually involves pictures (still or moving), text, music, and a recorded narrative to tell a story.

Digital Storytelling Tools

ArcGIS Storymaps. ArcGIS StoryMaps helps you tell stories with custom maps. ArcGIS StoryMaps can give your narrative a stronger sense of place, illustrate spatial relationships, and add visual appeal and credibility to your ideas.

StoryMapJS. Created by Northwestern University's Knight Lab, StoryMapJS allows users to tell stories on the web by highlighting the location of a series of events. Users can create spatial narratives through maps or large images. StoryMapJS works best when users have narratives with strong location ties. 

TimelineJS. Created by Northwestern University's Knight Lab, TimelineJS enables users to build visually rich and interactive timelines. Beginners are able to create a timeline using a Google spreadsheet, while more advanced users can utilize their knowledge of JSON to create custom installations. TimelineJS works best when users have narratives that have a strong chronology.

Digital Storytelling Projects