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Digital Humanities

A guide to the concepts and tools of the expanding field of digital humanities
Network analysis is the examination of relationships between individuals, organizations, and other groups that interact with each other.

Network Analysis Tools

Gephi. Gephi is a software for network analysis and data visualization and enables users to explore, analyze, spatialize, filter, cluster, manipulate, and export all types of networks. Some of the metrics Gephi offers are between centrality, closeness, diameter, clustering coefficient, pagerank, community detection/modularity, random generators, and shortest path. This platform also enables users to visualize how networks changed over time by manipulating an embedded timeline. 

Palladio. Created by a team at Stanford University, Palladio is a user-friendly tool for conducting network and spatial analyses. To create a Palladio project, users can copy and paste spreadsheets; drag-and-drop to upload tabular data; or to link to a file in a public Dropbox folder. Data can be visualized in several ways: as a map, graph, table, or gallery.