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FAVS 475: Advanced Fiction Directing


  1. What is the LGBTQ+ Film Archives/Repository?
    It is a new project to highlight LGBTQ+ scholarship at Mason, including undergraduate and faculty films.

  2. Where is the repository going to be stored?
    The repository will be stored in Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS). MARS a repository service of Mason Publishing and the Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC) by the the GMU Libraries.

  3. How do I summit my films?
    Contact: Joanna Lee, Digital Publishing Lead,
    or submit through our online form:

  4. What if later I don't want my films in the repository?
    Contact: Joanna Lee, Digital Publishing Lead, and your film can be removed at any time. However, keep in mind that once your film is published, others can download copies and possibly post them elsewhere.

  5. What if my films are distributed by a company and I just want information about my films in the repository?
    You are welcome to only include basic information about your film (your name, title, date, summary) without sharing a copy of the film itself.

  6. Who can view films in the repository?
    The films will be open and downloaded by anyone.
  7. Is there an option to restrict access to my film?
    You can choose to delay access to your film with an embargo. People would be able to see basic information about your film (title, your name, short summary) but not able to view the film while the embargo is in place.
  8. Do I have to submit my whole film?
    No, you are welcome to only include an excerpt, a still image, or simply basic information about the film.
  9. Will I still own the copyright to my film?
    Yes, you as the creator maintain copyright of the film and grant the repository non-exclusive rights to distribute your work. You have the option to choose whether you want to reserve all rights as the copyright holder or license certain rights to viewers by selecting a Creative Commons license:
  10. If you are unsure of how to proceed or need more information, contact Prof. Lisa Thrasher


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