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MUSI 662: Introduction to Research in Music

Browse the Scores in the Library by LC number

M1-3  Collections, anthologies; collected works of individual composers

M5-1490 Instrumental music

  • M20-39 solo piano
  • M40-44 solo violin
  • etc... other solo instruments
  • M177-986 chamber music (duets to small ensemble)
    • M198-216 piano duets
    • M217-223 violin + piano
    • M300-386 trios
    • M400-486 quartets
    • M500-986 quintets, sextets, and larger chamber groups
  • M1000-1075 orchestral music
    • M1001 symphonies
    • M1010-1011 piano concertos
    • M1012-1013 violin concertos
    • etc... other instruments with orchestra
  • M1100-1160 string orchestra
  • M1200-1269 wind band
  • M1300-1366 other ensembles

M1495-2199 Vocal & dramatic music (including ballets)

  • M1495-1998 secular vocal music, dramatic music
    • M1500 operas (full score)
    • M1503 operas (vocal score)
    • M1507-1508 selections from operas & musical theater
    • M1520 ballets
    • M1530-1610 secular choral music
    • M1611-1624 songs
      • M1619-1620 song collections
      • 1621 song cycles, songs with piano
  • M1999-2199 sacred vocal music
    • M2000 oratorios (full score)
    • M2002 oratorios (choral score)
    • M2102-2114 sacred solo vocal music