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Big Data & Geovisualization

Learn more about big spatial temporal data and geovisualization. This guide is a gateway to graduate research in geospatial informatics, earth observing, remote sensing, and geoinformation science


What is Big Data?geosocial network

Data sets that are so large and complex that they become difficult to exchange, secure, and analyze with traditional methods.  It's characterized with by the three Vs (Velocity, Volume, and Variety) - See this article for more.

The constant flow of data being captured by sensors, satellite, GPS-enabled devices (social media data) that are tied to geospatial data requires big data analysis and interactive visualization tools - This process is often referred as geovisualization

This guide includes useful online resources and tools to help you research in this area. 


Current News - Twitter

Current News-Blogs from spatial Reserves and ESRI

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