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ProQuest TDM Studio

A guide on how to access and use ProQuest TDM Studio

ProQuest TDM Studio

ProQuest TDM Studio is ProQuest’s text and data mining platform. TDM Studio consists of two components: the workbench and visualizations.

The workbench enables researchers to create datasets using licensed ProQuest content and analyze those datasets by running Python or R scripts in an accompanying Jupyter Notebook. Researchers can upload data and scripts to the platform, and download and export their Jupyter Notebook and code within the confines of the 15 MB weekly limit. Researchers are not able to download the datasets that are created within the platform. Researchers should have experience using Python or R to use the workbench effectively.  

If you are working collaboratively in a team, up to five researchers can have access to a workbench at one time. Each researcher or research team will have access to that project’s dataset(s) and code in Jupyter Notebook.  

Those new to text and data mining can use the visualization component of the platform, which is a user-friendly way to engage with ProQuest content and does not require any knowledge of programming languages. Researchers can create datasets using licensed ProQuest content and analyze those datasets by selecting multiple visualization options: sentiment analysis, geographic analysis, and topic modeling.

See ProQuest's infoguide on TDM Studio for videos, powerpoints, and recorded presentations on getting started with TDM Studio. 

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