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Standards in the Mason Libraries

This guide provides information about the standards resources available in the Mason Libraries.

What are Engineering and Related Technical Standards?

Engineering Standards are technical specifications stipulating product characteristics such as size, quality, performance, or safety. They may specify methodologies for the composition and testing of materials or the communication of digital information.

Information Technology (IT) Standards and Telecommunication Standards are critically important to ensure that digital information is shared and stored with minimal loss of data. Healthcare IT Standards are important to ensure privacy of medical records.

Civil Engineering Standards

If you are off-campus and you get an unexpected error message from ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library, use the VPN then use the following hyperlink: Connect to ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library using the VPN. To use this, you must have a successful connection to the VPN before using the URL.

How do I setup the VPN?

Electrical Engineering Standards

Telecommunication Standards

US Standards Organizations

International Standards Organizations